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goodtruebloodic's Journal

Good True Blood Icons
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ABOUT: This is a community where you can post and find good icons of the incredible TRUE BLOOD tv show. To gain posting access, you must first apply; we only accept the best icon makers. We look at things like unique cropping, great coloring, good texture & brush use, creative text skills and awesome effects.

a. Do not click to join this community. You must first be accepted before we'll grant you membership.
b. You may watch the community to snag icons, but if you aren't an icon maker, you don't need to bother applying.
c. NO requests. This isn't a request community.
d. Please be respectful when using other people's icons. Credit them, comment on their posts, and don't ever hotlink.
e. When posting, put a teaser with 2 or 3 icons. Everything else should be under a cut that either leads to your journal or is posted directly to this one.
f. Don't post bases, brushes, gradients, textures or stock images. This is community is for True Blood icons only.
g. When applying, make the subject of the comment "may i call on you sometime?" so we're sure you've read the rules and paid attention to them.
h. Finally, apply here!

AFFILIATES: daily_addisex; chambers_daily; galims; pplims; ulliel_lims; eternalc_elite; truebloodlims; mod_stillness; greys20in20; private20in20; lots_elite; fang_stills; genk_stillness


Any and all questions/comments should be directed to the community's original creator, cinnamonstreet, whom you can contact at her journal.